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LASER is a provider of de-carbonisation and energy services for the public sector based in Kings Hill, Kent. Our story began in 1989 when Kent County Council established us as the energy division of Commercial Services Group (CSG), which is wholly owned by Kent County Council. We were tasked with helping public sector organisations throughout the UK achieve their energy cost reduction goals.

Following the deregulation of gas and electric markets, our goal has been to enable public bodies to benefit from the open market. We offer frameworks that facilitate the procurement and supply of energy at competitive rates, ensuring a compliant route to a selection of vetted suppliers.

Since our launch, we’ve grown significantly, now offering a broader range of core services that include energy procurement frameworks, energy management services, net zero consultancy services, LED lighting, net zero frameworks and Power Purchase Agreements. Today, we are one of the leading providers of energy and carbon reduction solutions, serving 85,000 end users and purchasing over £1.5 billion of energy for public sector customers every year.

For more than 30 years, making a difference through innovation and collaboration has been at the heart of all we do at LASER. We are now acting as the driving force to help public bodies with their zero carbon agendas.

Social value How we’re adding value to the Kent community

As a public sector organisation we’re passionate about social value and it’s at the core of what we do. We’re committed to implementing specific initiatives to increase social value within our organisation, creating long-term benefits for our customers and the Kent community.

We also embed social value into our frameworks and require all suppliers to demonstrate their social value commitments before being awarded a place, making up 10% of our evaluation criteria.

Social value

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