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When it comes to your school’s energy we know that budgets are tighter than ever, internal resources are stretched and the energy market is complicated and unpredictable.

What if that could all be made so much more simple?

Helping over 5,000 schools and academies across the UK save money and become more energy efficient, we are proud to assist schools with making energy manageable.

Through our compliant energy procurement frameworks, LED lighting and rooftop solar projects, we help you manage your energy usage and spend more effectively while working with you to reduce carbon emissions and create a more eco-friendly and sustainability focused environment for your school.

Plus, with our in-house energy management services, we can help your school stick to its energy budgets and avoid overpayment on utility bills.

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The inside entrance to Firth Academy in Sheffield, lots of metal beams and structures and the lower half is painted in a bright green.

Achieve a remarkable 70% reduction on your lighting usage by switching to energy efficient LED’s

LED lighting for your school

Through LASER’s DfE approved LED lighting framework and project management services, Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) upgraded the lighting across 15 schools.

The results:

  • over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 savings each year
  • £430k of energy bill savings each year

LED lighting not only reduces your carbon footprint and bills, it also helps transform the classroom into a brighter more engaging learning environment for children.

Image featured is Firth Park Academy, Sheffield.

Upgrade to LED Lighting

Let us manage your energy whilst you focus on what matters

We’ll help you ride energy market volatility, save energy and reduce your carbon footprint with our tailored end-to-end solutions.

Compliant energy frameworks

Our energy frameworks provide Schools with a compliant route to secure the best value contracts for the supply of electricity, gas and water. You have the option to choose either a fixed term contract that provides budget certainty or a more flexible contract that tracks market movements to mitigate price increases.

Energy procurement

Fully understand your energy spend, usage and more...

We’ll help you pay less to power your school buildings. We do this by examining your energy bills and resolving inaccuracies, generating budget and forecast reports and analysing your energy consumption. You also have online access to your bills and energy data, allowing you to view your invoices, supplier query updates and track your consumption trends.

Energy management services

Find the right suppliers

Offering schools a compliant route to access a range of pre-approved consultants, suppliers and installers of energy efficient technologies. Whether it’s upgrading to LED lighting, installing rooftop solar panels or swapping gas boilers for heat pumps, we’ll help you find the right suppliers – all with the reassurance that they have been vetted, are compliant and can meet your funding criteria and deadlines.

Net zero procurement frameworks

Why choose us?

Compliant procurement

All contracts operated and procured by LASER are compliant with Public Contract Regulations 2015, saving you time, resource, and the legal costs of having to run your own tender process.

Complex supplier query management

We have industry specialists onhand to manage complex industry processes and jargon. Saving you time and giving you added security knowing that we are on hand to help.


Our energy expertise and robust governance ensures we operate effective buying strategies that have outperformed the market average over the last 5 years providing you with confidence in us.


You will have access to a wide variety of energy services, including a range of flexible/fixed contracts or green energy options allowing you to have the flexibility to pick and choose different options across your portfolio.

Price transparency

We ensure full transparency in what you pay. We will never apply any hidden fees and we have trusted processes in place to ensure suppliers only recover their legitimate costs, so you never have to worry that your bill isn’t accurate.

Social value

Giving back to our community is high on our agenda and we are constantly looking at ways to do that, most recently we sponsored two school customers for a trip to Kent Life.

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We’re ready to help your educational institution with its energy portfolio. If you’d like to discuss any of our services mentioned above, reach out to our team.

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