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Net zero frameworks Compliant route to sourcing net zero suppliers

If you know what you need to do to achieve your net zero targets but need help finding the right suppliers to implement them, we’ve got you covered.

Our net zero framework provides you with a compliant route to procure from a wide range of pre-approved suppliers. From technical consultancy through to the design, supply and installation of energy efficient technologies, such as heat pumps, LED lighting, rooftop Solar and many more, we’ll help you find the right supplier that fits your needs.

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All suppliers go through rigorous checks

We take great care in selecting our suppliers and ensure only the best and most suited suppliers feature on our frameworks. By carrying out thorough background and credit checks all suppliers are assessed on their:

  • financial stability
  • track record and experience
  • technical and professional competence

If a particular supplier isn’t on our list, don’t worry you can request for a supplier to join.

Net zero framework benefits

Fully compliant frameworks

Our frameworks comply with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, enabling you to access pre-qualified suppliers efficiently. We customise our terms and conditions  to meet public sector needs, giving you more security and confidence.

Continuous supplier vetting and monitoring

Once a supplier is approved, the process doesn’t stop there, we continually monitor and review their performance and quality on a regular basis and encourage innovation and collaboration to deliver lasting value for your organisation.


Evolving list of new suppliers throughout the frameworks lifespan

New suppliers are not locked out and can join the net zero frameworks at any time throughout the frameworks lifespan, giving you access to an evolving list of innovative pre-approved suppliers across a wide range of specialties to help achieve your net zero goals.

Save time with our managed procurement and project management service

In addition to our direct procurement routes, if your organisation has limited time and resource, our framework team can help you write procurement specifications, run mini tenders and ultimately manage the whole installation of technologies onsite.

Expert support

A dedicated framework team of experts on hand to assist at all stages from specifying and purchasing to project managing your carbon saving activities.

Access to tools and resources

If you’re running your own mini-competitions, you’ll have access to tools and resources to help you with the process.

Net zero framework - Y21009

Key Facts

Framework Number: Y21009

Framework Period: 18 May 2021 – 02 July 2028

Contract Arranged by: LASER Energy

OJEU Contract Notice: Y21009 CDI DPS Contract Notice – LASER Energy

Last Updated: 26 September 2022

Framework scope



This Lot is designed to help you understand your buildings performance and practical opportunities through surveys and modelling. You will have access to consultants to provide energy and/or carbon related site surveys, audits and assessments.


If you’re looking for high level feasibility and planning of carbon saving programmes, for example the focus is on large projects such as solar farms or complete fleet vehicle programmes. This Lot will enable you to have access to net zero specialist consultants to support the planning and management of this for your organisation.


This Lot specialises in providing consultants for specific technical solution design, specification and capability feasibility.


Designed to allow access to suppliers who are capable of supplying and installing low and zero carbon technological solutions.

Find out how we can help you transition to net zero requesting a call back or call 0800 484 0840

LED lighting framework – Y19018

Key Facts

Framework Number: Y19018

Framework Period: 17 May 2020 – 31 May 2025

Contract Arranged by: LASER Energy

OJEU Contract Notice: LED Lighting Y19018 OJEU Notice LASER Energy

OJEU Award Notice: LED Lighting Y19018 OJEU Award LASER Energy

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2024

For Schools:

This image shows the logo in black lettering and a blue strip to the left for the Department of Education.The Department for Education (DfE) has accredited our LED Framework, which ensures that you are getting a secure, cost-effective, and compliant solution for your lighting needs.


LOT 1 – Supply

This lot is for the supply arrangement for all of the LED lighting, Fixtures and Fittings that you may require which can be delivered directly to you, and can be arranged on your behalf through our managed service, or can be used to aid procurement of fittings during other projects you may be undertaking.

LOT 2 – Installation

Commonplace to use alongside Lot 1, this covers a range of contractors, selected according to your individual requirements, in order for your Lot 1 purchased fixtures and fittings to be installed. The selected contractor will be named the Principal Contractor in accordance with health and safety, and can save considerable time on procurement and tender process.

LOT 3 – Supply and installation

When managing a project yourself through direct access, you may be prefer to deal with a single party only, in which case this would be the lot for you, and you would be able to work directly with the supplier to agree your specification and installation plan for the work to be carried out.

Explore our LED Lighting framework page or request a call back to discuss your net zero needs.

Do you need help understanding your current carbon footprint?

If so, then our Net zero consultancy service is where you begin. We can help you at any stage of your journey, be this by putting in place a roadmap towards net zero, forecasting your emissions into the future or with an ad hoc study or piece of research.

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