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Image shows the internal of the hall within St James the Great Academy, a wooden curved ceiling with bright led lighting rods on either side.


reduction on lighting electricity usage

10+ years

expected lifespan

5 year

warranty on light fittings

The interior of St James the Great Academy in East Malling, Kent and led lighting fittings attached to the right side of the ceiling and wall panels.

Delivered over £10M of electricity savings for our customers through the LED framework

Image featured is St James the Great Academy, LED lighting project. LED lighting: shine brighter, save more

Upgrading to LED lighting is a simple way to reduce your energy usage, carbon emissions and costs. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs turn more energy into light instead of heat. This has shown to reduce lighting electricity consumption by up to 70%, resulting in lower energy bills.

On top of this, LEDs have an expected lifespan of over 10 years, lowering maintenance and replacement costs. LEDs also emit a high quality light, creating a brighter, more welcoming environment for your building. This makes LED lighting an environmentally friendly, cost effective option for your organisation.

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LED lighting Benefits of LED lighting

Switching to LED lighting not only saves money and reduces carbon emissions, but also offers other benefits that include:

LED Lighting Framework Details – Y19018

Key Facts

Framework Number: Y19018

Framework Period: 17 May 2020 – 31 May 2025

Contract Arranged by: LASER Energy

OJEU Contract Notice: LED Lighting Y19018 OJEU Notice LASER Energy

OJEU Award Notice: LED Lighting Y19018 OJEU Award LASER Energy

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2024

For Schools:

This image shows the logo in black lettering and a blue strip to the left for the Department of Education.The Department for Education (DfE) has accredited our LED Framework, which ensures that you are getting a secure, cost-effective, and compliant solution for your lighting needs.

Inside the Kings International Theatre space, dark purple, showing led lighting girds and curtain backdrops


We understand that getting that 360 overview of your energy usage can be tough, especially if budgets and resources are tight. Before you upgrade to LED lighting, we work with you to identify the best savings opportunities and options that fit your needs.

Our in-house specialised LED Lighting team have extensive experience and knowledge of the ever-evolving landscape of LED technologies available. We can manage the whole project, from the initial site survey to the installation. We’ll also help you source external funding for your LED lighting upgrade.

Image featured is Cheriton Library, Folkestone Project management service

We’ll take care of the hard work for you by managing your LED Lighting project, tailoring our approach according to your organisation’s needs. We can provide you with:

  • Free site surveys
  • Project specification with energy saving calculations
  • Assist with the business case
  • Procure all the fittings and installers
  • Liaise with suppliers and contractors
  • Project manage the whole installation including health & safety requirements
  • Act as Principal Designer on the project on your behalf

Direct access – Do it yourself
If you’re looking to develop and manage your own project, our framework offers you a compliant route to access a list of pre-approved suppliers, contractors and installers.

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Ready to cut energy costs and brighten your space? Our team can assist you in a seamless transition to LEDs. Embrace a greener and more efficient future – get in touch with us today to discuss your LED lighting upgrade.

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