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Bureau and energy management Save up to 4% on your annual energy bills.

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Our experts work with you to accurately and efficiently manage your energy portfolio. Our comprehensive services includes validating bills and liaising with suppliers on your behalf to resolve any queries and billing errors, budget and forecast reporting and energy consumption analysis. With our energy management services we’ll help you make smarter, more informed decisions to maximise savings and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Maximise your energy data Bureau service

An online energy management portal, providing energy consumption, monitoring, benchmarking and analysis reporting tailored to your needs.

Whether you are seeking to better understand your energy spend or to monitor your progress towards net zero, the effective management of utility consumption and spend is crucial to reducing waste and identifying potential areas for cost reduction. Our data analysts, with over 30 years of combined experience, meticulously analyse energy consumption patterns, design tailored web dashboards, and develop custom built reports. This enables you to manage your portfolio effectively and efficiently, providing you assurance that your energy spend is accurate and that your consumption is on track.

Key benefits Bureau service benefits

Dedicated analyst

A dedicated Data Analyst to assess your data for anomalies and identify any potential areas of energy saving.

24/7 access to your portfolio

A web portal dashboard designed to best showcase trends within your portfolio. You are always able to view your data and have access to the information you want. We can even help create a custom dashboard for you.

Experienced team

With over 10 years experience delivering our Bureau service, we currently serve around 50 clients from varied Public Bodies. We can handle portfolios of various sizes and diversity.

Bespoke reporting

A suite of monthly reports specifically designed to summarise key aspects of your energy usage and spend.

Proactive energy portfolio assistance Energy management services

Get in touch and find out how our experts can help you save time, energy and money with our energy management services.

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