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Solar PV Onsite solar procurement and management

Considering onsite solar to cut costs and emissions for your public buildings, but not sure where to start?  That’s where LASER comes in, our energy experts provide the experience and expertise to get your solar project off the ground.

We’ll support you through every stage of the process, from the initial assessment through to design, procurement and installation.

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END-TO-END SOLAR SUPPORT Your solar partners: from initial assessment to installation

LASER provides a tailored end-to-end solar solution that simplifies the transition to solar energy for your public buildings. From the initial assessment to procurement and installation, our energy experts will work in partnership with you, supporting you through all or any stage of the solar process.

Initial assessment Assessment and business case

Before investing in onsite solar, we’ll assess the suitability of solar panels across your entire land and building portfolio. This will detail potential panel placements and provide indicative costs and savings.

Whether you’re considering an individual building, a car park, or an entire estate, our experts can assist you in creating a bespoke business case to support your transition to solar energy, evaluating the feasibility and benefits such as return on investment, long-term savings and reduced carbon emissions. Plus, we’ll also support you in writing or applying for funding.

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Setup Design and building survey

If you decide to proceed, our assessors will conduct a thorough property survey, providing you with a detailed design and structural survey. The team will manage structural engineering calculations, advise on District Network Operator (DNO) applications, and Local Planning before procurement and installation.

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Procurement Let us take the hassle out of the procurement process

We’ll take care of the procurement process by running your mini-tender, inviting up to 20 trusted solar specialists to quote for your business through our net zero framework. We’ll help establish your requirements, produce technical specifications, advertise your project and evaluate responses to ensure you get the best value.


Key Facts

Framework Number: Y21009

Framework Period: 18 May 2021 – 02 March 2026

Contract Arranged by: LASER Energy

OJEU Contract Notice: Y21009 CDI DPS Contract Notice – LASER Energy

Last Updated: 26 September 2022

Framework scope



This Lot is designed to help you understand your buildings performance and practical opportunities through surveys and modelling. You will have access to consultants to provide energy and/or carbon related site surveys, audits and assessments.


If you’re looking for high level feasibility and planning of carbon saving programmes, for example the focus is on large projects such as solar farms or complete fleet vehicle programmes. This Lot will enable you to have access to net zero specialist consultants to support the planning and management of this for your organisation.


This Lot specialises in providing consultants for specific technical solution design, specification and capability feasibility.


Designed to allow access to suppliers who are capable of supplying and installing low and zero carbon technological solutions.

Installation Project management service

We’ll project manage your solar installation from start to finish. As your single point of contact, we work with your chosen supplier to ensure your project stays on track and meets the agreed timelines.

With you at every step of your installation:

  • We’ll manage the entire installation, acting as the Principal Designer for your project, fulfilling requirements of Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations.
  • We’re on site at key stages, working closely with installers to monitor quality and performance, resolving issues as they arise. We’ll ensure you’re always informed about the progress of your project through regular updates, including details on any variations.
  • Our team ensure contractors deliver according to the contract and framework terms, and we’ll act as the Contract Administrator, issuing any necessary certifications as per your instructions.
  • At the end of the project, we’ll ensure the handover of the ‘Operation and Maintenance Manual’ and training on data monitoring.

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