Flexible Procurement

Our in house Energy Procurement specialists will help identify the best flexible energy purchasing options for your organisation.

Flexible energy made for you

Flexible Procurement is a method of purchasing energy on the wholesale markets in multiple segments prior to the point it is consumed. This approach mitigates the price risk associated with volatile energy markets. Our experts closely track the markets to buy your energy requirements at the best times.

Our new Flexible Energy Procurement Frameworks
2024 - 2028 are now available


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Flexible Purchasing Strategies

LASER offers a range of products under Flexible Procurement. We continuously invest time and resource in the strategies available to accommodate and take advantage of the changing industry and volatile commodity market.

Introduction to Energy Purchasing Basket Options

We have developed three basket options, providing a selection of solutions, each with a different balance of risk and opportunity to meet your requirements.

Ensuring we're performing the best way for you

The Governance Panel operates to ensure we develop and execute appropriate buying and risk management strategies for the flexible procurement of our customers' energy requirements. The Panel Membership reflects a cross-section of LASER Energy customers, the LASER Energy management team and an independent energy expert. On a quarterly basis discussions are held around compliance, risk, market conditions, purchasing performance and future purchasing recommendations.

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All our Electricity and Gas frameworks have been tendered in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the EU Combined Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU.

To find out more details about our Energy Procurement Frameworks please visit our page here. 


Benefits to you


Our procurement frameworks are fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, saving you the onerous task of having to run your own tender process.

Hedging Purchases to Mitigate Risk

Using Flexible procurement options means that energy purchases are hedged over a long period of time and over multiple purchases rather than on one specific day.

Variety of Purchasing Strategies

With our expertise in the energy market we have a large variety of purchasing strategies available meaning you can choose the best one for your organisation and its energy budget.

All Trades Audited

All trades are independently audited on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy of records and provides assurance to customers.

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If you would like to discuss our energy basket options in more detail or speak about which baskets could benefit your organisation please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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