We can help your public sector organisation navigate the water market and help implement cost effective strategies for your water usage and procurement.

Did you know you can switch water supplier?

Since the competition opened in 2017 you are now able to switch your water supplier, similar to how gas or electricity suppliers are selected. Switching can provide financial savings as well administrative benefits consolidating to one supplier.

We have renewed our procurement compliant water framework, designed to help public and third sector customers benefit from water competition. Our framework focusses on both traditional water and sewerage supply, in addition to water efficiency services.

Our framework helps our customers to select the supplier who best suits their needs; whether that be lowest possible price, improved customer service, social value provision, or a holistic view on water costs including reducing usage. If you'd like to visit our Water Framework information please click here. 

What we can help with

Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting

Our Bureau team offer a specialist water service focused on providing you with the necessary information to monitor, validate and report your water billing. This helps you to gain a strong understanding of your existing consumption.


Through benchmarking it is possible to identify what opportunity creates the greatest savings. We can analyse billing for an entire portfolio and find premises most likely to have inefficient or leaking infrastructure.

Water Data Health Check

Those with the best handle on water data are best placed to make savings through both water competition and efficiency. We can build detailed records of your portfolio and can identify any major errors in billing arrangements.

Water Procurement

Using our FTS procurement compliant water framework, we assist customers in achieving the maximum benefits from the competitive water market. LASER will assist by carrying out mini tenders under the framework.

Benefits to You

Impartial Advice

Independent of water suppliers.

In-depth Knowledge

Experience with obtaining and managing water data.

Comprehensive Reporting

Monitoring to help you identify and realise savings.

Choice of Options

Our Framework will provide service improvements from water suppliers and may provide price savings from water suppliers.

Are you thinking of changing supplier

If so, let us help you. The first step is to get in touch with a member of our team and we will discuss your current water portfolio.

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