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£18.3 M

Total value

of water projects delivered via the framework in 2023



compared against the default rate for customers using the framework



successfully secured for new and existing customers to date

Water framework Designed to make switching suppliers easy

LASER’s water framework has been designed to help public bodies benefit from the open water competition, offering a quick and compliant route to secure the best value contract for the supply of water, wastewater and water efficiency services.

Through the framework, you can select the supplier that best suits your organisations needs – whether it’s achieving the lowest possible price, improved customer service, social value provision, or adopting a holistic view of water costs, including reducing usage.

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BUREAU SERVICES Making it easier for you to monitor water consumption with accurate billing and reporting

By opting for our fully managed service, our experienced bureau team provide you with the necessary information to monitor, validate and report your water billing. Helping you to gain a strong understanding of your existing consumption.

To identify water and money savings

Through benchmarking it is possible to identify what opportunity creates the greatest savings. Our experts can analyse billing for an entire portfolio and find premises most likely to have inefficient or leaking infrastructure.

Water data health check

Having a good grasp of your water data can help you save money through both water competition and efficiency. Our team can build detailed records of your portfolio and can identify any major errors in billing arrangements.

Validating supplier invoices

Our Bureau team will verify all supplier invoices, checking and correcting any anomalies before approving and submitting to you for payment.

Resolving complex queries on your behalf

The bureau team will also handle and resolve all the complex admin, resolving any queries on your behalf by liaising with suppliers and providing full transparency throughout.

Water framework benefits

Water Framework details - Y22013

Key facts

Framework Number: Y22013
Framework Period: 01 March 2022 – 28 February 2026
Contract Arranged by: LASER Energy
OJEU Contract Notice: Supply Of Water And Sewerage Services Contract Notice Y22013
OJEU Award Notice: Supply Of Water And Sewerage Services Award Notice Y22013
Last Updated: 30 March 2022

Framework scope

We introduced our Water Framework in 2017 to help our non-domestic customers to change their water and wastewater supplier following the opening of the water market to full competition. Our focus is helping our customers to benefit both financially and logistically from this new market.

Our framework focuses on the retailer supply of water and sewerage services and with three different routes to market and a selection of suppliers providing national coverage, it provides everything you need to procure a new water supplier.

Direct Award is possible too, as is procurement through mini-competition or competitive dialogue.

Plus, access to the additional services of AMR provision and Fix and Find water leakage services are also available.


Achieve your authorities’ aspirations to save time and money by utilising any of our Lots and specialisms below;

Designed to allow the award of contracts for the supply of water and additional services through mini competition or direct award. Direct award may be based on the highest scoring supplier at framework tender stage overall or in individual areas, of price, quality of service, added value, social value or continuity of supply of existing services.

Designed for smaller water consumers (for example schools or District Councils) with simple water supply requirements. It contains a panel of suppliers, led by a Primary Supplier selected by overall scores at framework tender. Supply contracts will be called off by Direct Award to the Primary Supplier. There will be a process to review Primary Supplier position during the framework term.

For the supply of water and sewerage services including invoicing, account management and has a particular focus on water efficiency. Opportunities will be let using competitive dialogue with those on the Framework Agreement, allowing bespoke solutions to be developed to meet a Participating Authority needs and water saving opportunity.

If you would like to know more about our Water Framework or chat to a member of our team about joining, please contact us.

Water procurement service Take the hassle out of tenders with our procurement service

Our dedicated procurement team will negotiate the most competitive water contract to meet your specific needs. Using our expertise and knowledge of the water market, we will assist you in the selecting a suitable supplier. We do this by obtaining supplier quotes, submitting tenders, evaluating responses, negotiating prices and issuing the final supply contracts.

Direct access – Do it yourself
If you’re looking to run your own tender process, our framework offers you a compliant route to access a list of pre-approved water suppliers.

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By procuring your water supply through the LASER framework, you can be confident that all the suppliers listed on the framework have passed rigorous checks on their customer service, billing and pricing.

Each supplier has also pre agreed to a standardised set of call off contract terms and conditions, making it a quick and efficient way to select a supplier that fits your specific needs.

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