The Power of LED and How it can light up your organisation in more ways than one.

LED Lighting can not only save your public money but improve environment in more ways than one. Click here to read our blog exploring the Powers of LED.

Posted on Feb 03, 2022

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There is a lot of focus on reducing heating requirements across organisations right now and what is being forgotten is a potential opportunity that can have substantial impact, LED Lighting. We want to share some of the benefits of upgrading your traditional lighting systems to LED.

Turning up energy efficiency

LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy a conventional lightbulb does and with this fraction you can experience better lighting output. This lighting has shown 70% reduction in lighting electricity usage and can help reduce your building electricity use by 20%. No more wasting energy creating ‘hot’ lightbulbs.

Safety first

Unlike old traditional lighting, LED Lighting contains no toxic materials and can create a safer environment for all your buildings users by ensuring that adequate lighting levels are provided for all.

Reducing your running costs

With energy prices set to be souring more than ever how can you start to reduce your energy bills? A first step is by reducing your electricity need. By no longer having to regularly swop out light bulbs you’ll see that saving and the impact it will have on your energy bills. Some LED products demonstrate more than 10 years of life.

Choose what suits your needs

When you make the decision to upgrade your lighting you get the opportunity to pick what will suit your needs and requirements best. Quite often in our buildings we inherit what was done before, but making the switch now gives you options. You can choose based on style, colour, and intensity of lighting. Plus having the correct lighting is proven to increase productivity, reduce eye stream and improve accuracy. With variable colour temperature options available too you can use it to create an engaging, calm, and relaxing environment.

Your LED Lightbulb moment

We hope sharing these benefits of upgrading your organisation’s current lighting has proved useful. As you can see from above, the choice can not only have an impact on your carbon footprint and financial outputs but also for the wellbeing and environment of your employees too.

We would love to know from you, what are your challenges preventing you making the switch and upgrading your lighting to LED...

  • Is it picking the right products?
  • How to integrate LED into older buildings or lighting systems?
  • Perhaps it’s demonstrating the business case and securing suitable funding?
  • Or maybe you’re unsure how to procure the lighting you want and have it installed compliantly?

Can we help?

If any of the above are holding you back and you’d like to have help answering these questions get in touch with our team. We can have a conversation about your challenges, your options and how we can help your organisation upgrade its lighting system.

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