Whether it's going green, changing to electric or something completely different, we can help you decide.

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Whichever path your Net Zero journey takes, you will still need to consume energy in one form or another to continue your operations. This is particularly poignant if you are looking to electrify your transport (moving from ICE vehicles) and heat (e.g. from gas boilers to heat pumps), which may increase your electricity consumption. Therefore, it is important to look at replacing the source of that energy from low and zero carbon sources.

We have three broad options:

  • Green Tariff: sourcing REGOs via the electricity supplier
  • Green Basket: sourcing PPA via your electricity supply agreement
  • PPA DPS: a compliant route-to-market to run a standalone procurement to obtain a Power Purchase Agreement to purchase renewable electricity from a Generator.

We also have contract structures in place to enable public sector bodies wishing to self-generate to realise the fiscal and carbon benefits of this through trading and sleeving options.

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