Energy Surveying

Our in-house Energy Surveying team will offer advice, guidance and improvements for your organisation and public buildings.

If you need a systematic review of how energy is used within your building in compliance with Government requirements, we can help.

Our energy surveying service has been established since 2008 and our team of in-house accredited DEC, EPC and ESOS surveyors are available to assist with energy savings recommendations and costings.

How we can help you

International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

LASER team members are Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals, qualified to develop or challenge monitoring and verification (M&V) plans in line with the International Performance Measurement and Verification protocol.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Our accredited Lead Assessor and supporting team can provide a full ESOS compliant service and help you build an ESOS plan which delivers sensible energy savings as well as simple compliance.

Energy Surveys

We can deliver bespoke energy surveys to meet your needs from an initial opportunities assessment up to investment grade proposals.

Benefits to You

In-house Expertise

Our qualified surveyors have vast experience having produced thousands of DECs since establishing this service.

Industry Standard (M&V) Reporting

Ability to plan and provide monitoring and verification to IPMVP standard.

Unbiased Opinion

Our surveys are provided from an independent perspective helping you plan energy saving strategies with impartial advice.

Aggregating your Data

By using our other services such as Bureau and Procurement we already hold good data on your energy use making DEC production quicker and more accurate.

Get in touch with us

If you would like any help with energy surveying for your public sector organisation using the services above please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss in more detail.

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