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Social value What is social value?

Social value is the positive impact that public spending has on the economic, social and environmental well-being of society.

At LASER Energy, we recognise that we have an important part to play in shaping a better future for local communities, employees and the wider society. To achieve this, we have implemented a social value plan that is committed to tackling emissions and environmental issues. We also continually look for ways of combining social and economic benefits where possible.

Our social value activities are run by an in-house team of social value champions. The team work to track improvements, promote social value and investigate ways of embedding this into our work culture.

Social value Our approach to embedding social value into what we do

In order to embed social value, we have had to consider the various areas of our operation, with different members of the internal social value team taking on separate areas of responsibility.

Through our frameworks

When awarding a supplier a place on our frameworks, we ensure that a minimum of 10% of the award criteria is based on social value. Suppliers are required to demonstrate that they have policies in place aimed at promoting social, economic and environmental well-being.


At LASER, we’re committed to reducing our own carbon footprint. We continuously review and monitor our internal operations and processes, including business mileage, paper usage, waste figures, and energy consumption. These reviews have led to the implementation of several carbon reduction initiatives: adopting hybrid working and remote meetings to reduce commuting emissions and business travel, installing EV charging points in our car parks, reducing paper usage, and improving recycling efforts.

Customer focus

If you are looking at increasing your social value within your organisation, we can guide you on how you can use our solutions to support your own social value goals. From collobration projects to team days, through to funding opportunities. We work with our customers to ensure social value is at the forefront.

Employee engagement

Our employees are empowered to support their local communities and initiatives through our volunteer days, charity support events, food donation schemes and more.

Food donations

At a time when everyone is feeling the pinch of rising costs, our employees have raided their food cupboards and recently donated non-perishable items of food and drinks to support East Malling Centre and Maidstone Churches Winter Shelter.

Kent Wildlife Trust

In May 2022, LASER worked with Total Energies and Kent Wildlife Trust to arrange for two of our local schools to visit Tyland Barn in Maidstone so the children could enjoy the full outdoor learning experience.

Employee volunteer days

Our employees have the opportunity to have volunteer days where they can give back to the community through charity support and events from beach cleans to tree maintenance or getting involved in conservation projects – all supported by our network of Social Value champions.

Supplier funding

We also incorporate social value into our Frameworks and the suppliers we partner with have committed to delivering over £150k per annum to spend across initiatives nominated by our customers.

School training days with npower Business Solutions

In 2023 we started working with npower Business Solutions to set up a scheme to provide workshops and ongoing energy efficiency advice to a selection of schools. The workshops focus on Environmental and Sustainable subjects, aimed at years 6 and 7, with the objective to get children interested in Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology.

Would you like to get involved with us?

If social value is big on your agenda and you feel we could partner together on a project, we would love to hear from you.

Join us in creating a positive social impact