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If your organisation is considering owning or investing in their own renewable generation asset, our experts will help you assess potential benefits and risks of becoming a generator. Before you invest, we help you define your needs, build out financial modelling and run through different ownership options.

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Our asset ownership modelling and business case review

We’ll go through the following stages with you:

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Stage 1 - Financial modelling

During the financial modelling and forecasting stage, we'll model the investment needed and return on investment, forecast operational costs, and report on the achievable income and carbon benefits across different market scenarios.

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Stage 2 - Development options

After our financial modelling, we'll report through qualitative findings a range of ownership structures, giving you insights into different generating asset technology options and the benefits and considerations of each asset, allowing you to assess which would be most suitable.

A birds eye view of the Bowerhouse II Solar farm in Somerset, fields filled with solar panels.

Want to explore your options for renewable assets?

Owning a renewable asset can be a huge undertaking for an organisation but can also bring many short- and long-term benefits.

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities when considering this type of larger scale upfront investment.

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