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Our on-site survey identifies carbon saving measures, which help public sector bodies understand how to decarbonise their buildings and sites. Our expert consultants analyse each measure and report on the potential benefits, associated energy, carbon, costs and payback calculations for each recommended option. This comprehensive report can be used to facilitate collaboration with key project stakeholders and support any future funding applications.

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Site decarbonisation survey

While on site, our surveyors prioritise the identification of low or zero cost measures that can be implemented by adjusting building and equipment operational settings. These adjustments will immediately help the site operate more efficiently, resulting in significant energy and costs savings. We’ll also explore and report on other carbon saving initiatives that help reduce waste in the following areas:

Heating and hot water systems

Potential replacement of fossil-fuel boilers with heat pumps or other cleaner alternatives.

Renewable energy

Exploring opportunities to generate renewable energy on site, such as rooftop solar.


Upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting for significant energy savings.

Building fabric upgrades

Enhance insulation and glazing to retain heat and reduce energy consumption.

The benefits of our site decarbonisation survey

  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Uncover cost savings.

  • Strengthen reputation.

  • Unlock funding opportunities.

  • Identification of cost saving opportunities that provide a faster return on investment.

Decarbonisation site survey A comprehensive survey with actionable insights

Upon completion of the on site survey, we review the findings and present the information in a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Analysis of your buildings current specifications that identifies areas of improvement.
  • Energy assessment to provide insights into how your building uses energy and identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • Recommendations for energy-saving measures and how they can be achieved.
  • Cost estimates and payback calculations for each carbon saving measure recommended.

Use this report to share insights and facilitate collaboration with key stakeholders to secure their support and drive a reduction in carbon emissions.

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