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At LASER, we understand the enormity of the challenge you’re facing to build a realistic, actionable plan to get to net zero often by a given target year. These targets can be very ambitious and challenging to achieve, especially within a budget and lack of in-house skills or resources.

Our experts help you to identify where you are on this journey and help you to get to where you want to be. We appreciate that everyone will be in different positions, with different targets and resources so we tailor our approach to work with you and identify what actions you need to take.

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Your roadmap to a sustainable future

Whether you’re at the initial stages of exploring net zero or well into your decarbonisation journey, our team of experts are here to guide you every step of the way. From developing a comprehensive roadmap and forecasting future emissions to conducting in-depth studies and providing tailored research, we’ll equip you with the insights and strategies you need to achieve your carbon reduction targets.

Step 1

Understanding your current carbon footprint is key to knowing where your are now and what changes you need to make to achieve your net zero targets. Our net zero team will work with you to agree on the scope involved and calculate your carbon footprint baseline all the way through to your net zero target date. Through our reporting and findings, you will then be able to gain knowledge of your current emissions to see the long-term impacts.

Step 2

Once you have a strong understanding of current emissions, targets and a roadmap, our team will analyse the data to create various carbon reduction scenarios. These scenarios, alongside forecasts and assumptions of industry trends, will demonstrate the short, medium, and long-term financial and environmental impacts – helping you make informed choices for a sustainable future.

Step 3

Armed with your carbon footprint, forecast, and potential scenarios, our team will create a comprehensive carbon descent plan. This detailed plan will outline the various stages, findings, and recommended next steps. It will also highlight project and potential offsetting costs for each scenario, and explore procurement options to help guide your organisation from its current position to net zero by your agreed target date.

A council’s carbon footprint may only make up 0.1% of their whole area

Area wide emissions study Shining a light on carbon emissions in your area

To effectively influence emission reductions in your area, detailed analysis beyond your own estate is crucial. Our experts will help you gain a deeper understanding of your carbon footprint in your county, district or borough. We do this by combining publicly sourced data with our in-house system to provide a breakdown of emissions spanning domestic, industrial and commercial, public transport and agriculture sectors. Our study will enable you to set or monitor your net zero targets by providing a detailed report that covers: 

  • High-level analysis of area wide carbon emissions.
  • Emission trends over time.
  • A breakdown and analysis of emissions by category (gas, electricity and other fuels) associated with each sector.
  • Benchmarking against similar authorities and national averages.
  • Commentary on the impact of emissions and the potential for reduction across your area.

Features Boost your sustainability credentials with our supply chain emissions study

Scope 3 emissions can account for over 80% of a council’s total footprint.

By considering emissions outside of your direct control, you can reduce costs and showcase your environmental commitment to the public and other stakeholders. By taking your first steps to tackling these emissions, you will gain insights into:

The benefits of our net zero roadmap service

A birds eye view of a forest with an illustration of a target sitting over it.

Public sector decarbonisation consultancy Tailored net zero consultancy

No matter where you are on your zero carbon journey, our net zero specialists have the expertise to help you determine the actions you need to take to achieve your carbon reduction targets within your set timeline.

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