Where Are We On Our Own Journey to Carbon Net Zero?

We know that a huge amount of our customers have either begun or are beginning to think of their carbon-free journey. But what about us?

Posted on Jul 08, 2022

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In conjunction with Net Zero Week, we're letting our customers now about the steps we're taking on our own net zero journey.

Carbon Net Zero: Where are LASER currently at?

As a company that can provide you with the services and tools you need to achieve your net zero goals, we feel it is important to be as transparent as possible with you on our own carbon journey.

LASER is part of CSG, KCC’s trading arm, and we will be meeting the target of net zero by 2030.

Our carbon analysts have spent the last few months discovering what CSG’s carbon footprint looks like, and, using a baseline of the 2019/20, pre-Covid period, we have been able to establish what is and isn’t in scope for us as we move forward.

CSG is made up of multiple divisions, from energy providers such as LASER, to education suppliers and landscaping services, our carbon footprint portfolio is both large and complex, and this meant it took some expertise to create a clear picture of what our footprint looked like.

We have been able to identify what our emissions look like and who, out of our many different divisions, were the highest emitters and lowest emitters.

For divisions such as KCS, our education supplier, and Landscape Services, who rely heavily on their fleets to maintain level of service, their traditional ICE vehicles are obvious emitters.

In contrast, most of the emissions highlighted for our recruitment and energy divisions came from electricity and workers driving their own cars for business purposes (grey fleet).


So, what are our next steps?

We’re already sourcing green energy through the Bowerhouse II Solar Farm, which we operate on behalf of KCC, and will be exploring options for more renewables in the very near future.

We’ll talk more closely with CSG’s divisions to ask more questions and collate further feedback, specifically around the operational side of each division. We will examine information gathered around fuel cards and grey fleet, with the idea to design an approach to shift to EVs and more sustainable fuels.

As our plan develops, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Need a helping hand?

If your organisation would like to discuss and explore green alternatives or would like help in understanding your carbon emissions, please look at our Zero Carbon services and reach out to our team to have a conversation.

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