What is a Zero Carbon Roadmap?

You've got targets to meet by deadlines, but how are you going to achieve them? Enter the Zero Carbon Roadmap. Read below to find out more.

Posted on Jun 22, 2022

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At LASER it is our mission to help your public sector organisation reach your zero carbon targets. We have carefully created a bespoke suite of services to help you achieve your goals – Review, Reduce and Replace.

In this blog we are going to share with you our Review service in more detail. Highlighting why this is a foundational step in your journey to net zero, the benefits this can provide and why the key is starting now.

Understanding your current situation

The result is clear – you have a target to meet, and you have a deadline, however, how you’re going to get there is feeling overwhelming and the challenges range from financial, resources, or even where to begin. Since the climate emergency declarations have been made across all sectors and establishments throughout the country one thing has become clear.

To make change you need to know where you are now.

Therefore, understanding your current carbon footprint/emissions is so paramount. This is step 1 and something that we can work with you on undertaking through creating a Footprint and Forecast.

We will work with you to agree the scope involved and calculate your carbon footprint baseline and all the way through to your carbon net zero target date. Through our reporting and findings, you will then be able to gain the knowledge of your current emissions to see the long-term impacts.

Challenging the ‘What If’s’

When thinking about reaching your net zero target how much uncertainty do you feel? How many ‘what if’ statements come up around taking certain actions and what the result may or may not be?

Imagine the possibility of having those ‘what if’ questions answered through analysing your data and conducting modelling. With modelling you can really begin to understand the scope and the pathway that lies ahead of you.

Through our Roadmap service we assess the impacts of your current and future projects which will give you valuable insight into the various scenarios for your organisation particularly focusing on carbon and financial implications. Yes, this means you may be presented with more to consider; however, it also means you can make your next step decisions based on knowledge rather than wondering.

How can you act without a plan?

You have your footprint and forecast.

You have all the potential scenarios and implications set out in front out you.

Now it’s time to decide on your targets and create a plan of action to reach your zero-carbon goals.

Having a plan in place is going to make your pathway clearer and be a huge benefit if you are thinking of applying for funding for any of your projects. We also provide a high-level cashflow analysis, helping you to understand the financial impacts of the planned actions.

We use all the data and information collated in the first two steps to then create your bespoke Carbon Descent Plan. This strategy will present a pathway to take your organisation from its current position to net zero by your agreed target date.

The plan can be tailored to your needs, taking into account things like the purpose of the document, the target audience, your budget and the level of detail required. The content can also be adapted to cover carbon offsetting, green energy options or other areas of interest for your organisation.

The road doesn’t end there

We are here to support your zero-carbon journey at any stage that you are at. As you’ve seen above our Roadmap service is a comprehensive and detailed first step in a journey to net zero, one that we can continuously monitor and even remodel based on your year-on-year progress.

But it doesn’t stop there.

If you already have a plan in place we can provide surveys to identify specific actions at a site level or help you to prepare funding applications for survey work or project implementation. Through our range of frameworks we can support you in the feasibility studies, design and specification work through to the implementation of carbon saving projects and the installation of new technologies and equipment.


Our team can also give you greater insight into particular areas through a range of additional studies. These could include supply chain emissions, area wide emissions, building stock in your area (which could target social housing), alternative fuels or homeworking amongst a range of other topics. If there’s a particular subject or area that you would like us to look into for you, please get in touch.

Your mission is our mission. Let’s us help you achieve it.

Ready to Build your Roadmap?

If you would like to speak about our Roadmap service in more detail or find out about the other ways we can help your public sector organisation reach its net zero targets, please get in touch with us using our Contact button and a member of our team will be in touch.

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