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Social Value is big on our agenda and it's a pleasure to work with our suppliers on funding for social value projects to help local communities and more.

In May 2022, LASER worked with TotalEnergies and Kent Wildlife Trust to arrange for two of our local schools to visit Tyland Barn in Maidstone so the children could enjoy the full outdoor learning experience.

The Challenge

There was a desire to provide this opportunity to schools that were less likely to have the ability to fund the experience themselves, so enquiries were made with a selection of relevant sites in the local area.

As school calendars are generally stretched for any spare time, it was a big challenge to get the funding awarded to schools that could commit to a visit in the final term before the summer.

The Journey

In the end we had three classes from two schools attend the outdoor learning sessions, and the children spent the day exploring the nature reserve, helping increase their knowledge of wild plants and animals, and generally learning to appreciate the wilderness around them!

“We weren’t sure what to expect from the day, however, having completed a fabulous fun-filled educational day, we were pleasantly surprised! The children’s favourite activity was the pond dipping, where they were able to catch, identify & release a range of water-based minibeasts that they hadn’t seen before. They had an amazing time from start to finish!”

– Mrs Lock, Year 3 Teacher, Loose Primary School

Plans for the Future

As Kent Wildlife Trust say – “nature is in trouble, and it needs our help” – so we’d love for you to help us play our part with our energy suppliers through funded trips or requests for relevant equipment to aid learning in this area.

This image shows children helping at a wildlife centre. Listening to a talk, finding bugs and pond cleaning.

Could you benefit from funding like this?

If you have any ideas of how your site could benefit from this type of funding to aid your learning activities, please do let us know by clicking the button below.

We are looking for ideas from our customers across the UK and will consider all ideas, big and small.

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