Larkfield Leisure Centre's desire for a lighter, brighter space for its members

No longer wanting the outdated light fittings in the sports hall, Larkfield Leisure Centre worked with us to explore what LED Lighting could do. Read about their experience below.

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

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Larkfield Leisure Centre offers a wide range of sporting and fitness facilities all under one roof. Open to the public since 1981, the Centre is owned by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and managed on their behalf by Tonbridge & Malling Leisure Trust. It boats activity pools, water features and slides as well as a gym, spa, large multi-purpose Sports Hall and a soft play area. The project was funded by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council as part of their ongoing investment into the facilities.

The Challenge

The lighting in the Sports Hall facility was dated and the space felt dark even with all the lights switched on. Ian Mansfield, the Buildings and Facilities Manager, was introduced to LASER at a meeting held with Tonbridge & Malling Council where they discussed the need to upgrade the old inefficient lights to new LED alternatives so that not only the space became a nicer, brighter area for the local community to use but so they could control the lighting more efficiently to save energy and money.

The Solution

After a full site survey by LASER's lighting specialist, designs and recommendations were supplied.

LASER recommended the following:

  • Installation of new high bay LED lights.
  • Work to reconfigure and reduce the light switching from ten switches down to five.
  • Adding auto microwave sensors to the Hall.

LASER also identified the need to keep disruption to a minimum so that the daily Sports Hall activities were not affected. In order to do that we suggested keeping the old trunking and lighting in situ while the new trucking and fittings were installed - this meant the Hall would incur no downtime.

I'm really happy with the light quality of the new LED fittings and measured light levels have really improved. I've also had positive feedback from facility users, in particular badminton players who are often quite exacting in their lighting requirements.

Ian Mansfield
Buildings & Facilities Manager, Larkfield Leisure Centre, Larkfield.
Photo Showing the inside of Larkfield Leisure Centre Hall with old lighting

Before LED Lighting Installation

Photo showing the inside of Larkfield Leisure Centre after new LED Lighting installed

After LED Lighting Installation

The Results

The new lighting system showed an instant increase in LUX levels from 180 LUX to 350 LUX by replacing the 60 T12 fittings with 25 high bay LED lights. This also reduced the watt consumption by 50% which amounts to £4,600 per annum saving in energy. But the most significant changes were made to the lighting controls, the 25 LED lights were installed in strips of 5 so that Ian can manually control what lights to switch on and off. The mircowave sensors that were installed also allowed lights to automatically go off when the area wasn't being used adding further energy savings and meant low movement classes like yoga could be enjoyed in the Hall without the lights going off automatically.

The Key Benefits Delivered & Statistics

  • Improved LUX levels from 180 LUX to 350 LUX.
  • Monthly electricity consumption reduced by 70%.
  • Wattage reduced by 50%
  • Increased level of facility usage - the dark space has been transformed into a brighter area.
  • Reduced amount of waste - by installing microwave sensors so that lights turn off automatically when the Hall isn't being used.
  • Evening installation - completing the installation at night meant the Hall was always usable during the day.
  • Improved amount of control - the new switching arrangement allows the customer to divide the Hall lights area so that only the areas in use are switched on.

£4,600 per year energy savings
Load before 715kW
Load after 317 kW

Lighting your way to a brighter leisure centre

If you are interested in how LED Lighting can transform your leisure centre or public building please visit our LED Lighting services to find out how we can help you. You can also reach out to our team to have a conversation about your needs using the button below.

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