Enfield Council plan to reduce their Carbon Emissions by switching to LED Lighting

Enfield Council & LASER Energy proactively worked together to manage their energy use through changing to LED Lighting in their buildings. Read all about the project here.

Posted on Sep 28, 2016

Enfield Council is proactively managing its energy use, working towards a target of 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. Enfield has been using a Salix revolving investment fund since 2010 and has so far invested £920,429 on 90 projects, generating savings of £208,664.

Colour photograph showing the inside of Enfield Council offices before the change to LED Lighting

Before LED Lighting Installation

The Challenge

In 2014, Enfield Council took a decision to commence a major focus on LED lighting to reduce the energy use in their corporate buildings. As well as providing a great opportunity to save energy this decision presented new challenges around specifying LED equipment, designing projects to meet SALIX compliance and procuring both equipment and installers. Enfield Council learned of the LASER LED lighting framework and approached LASER to learn more.

The Solution

Together we both explored potential light fittings and designs across nine corporate buildings and agreed the desired project outcomes around quality, price and payback. We then set about surveying the buildings, specifying equipment from various suppliers on the LED framework, calculating accurate projects costs, savings and paybacks.

The process agreed was to utilise our Managed Access service as outlined below:

Site Survey

  • Recommend fittings
  • Calculate costs, savings, payback
  • Quote

Business Case

  • Building the investment case
  • Funding applications

Project Management

  • All aspects of supply and install
  • Waste Management
  • Project completion
Using the LASER framework has enabled the Council to install large LED lighting projects in a number of our corporate buildings. The whole process, from the initial site surveys and provision of quotes to the actual installations, has been very fast and efficient. We are looking forward to carrying out more LED lighting projects in the near future.

Andrew Whelan,
Carbon Reduction Manager, Enfield Council

The Result

During the second half of 2015 installation was carried out across all nine buildings. LASER worked in partnership with the Council to ensure minimum disruption to normal site operations and managed all elements of the removal of existing lighting and installation of new lighting from selecting and ordering kit to managing installers and waste contractors.

Installation at the nine buildings was completed in January 2016. The consensus from staff in the buildings is that the lighting looks great and the installation was completed with minimal impact on occupants.

In all over 1,900 new fittings were installed at a total project cost of just over £250k. The project is forecast to save over £50k per annum in electricity costs (at today's electricity prices) and all fittings are guaranteed for 50,000 hours of operation.

Colour Photograph showing the interior of an office building with bright lighting

After LED Lighting Installation

The Key Benefits Delivered & Statistics

  • Through 'Managed Access' to the framework LASER managed all aspects from specification of fittings to disposal of waste.
  • Work was completed through an OJEU compliant supply chain.
  • The project was designed to meet Salix funding compliance requirements.
  • The LASER team and LB Enfield team worked in partnership to meet LB Enfield goals.
  • £250k of LED lighting installed over the 6 month rolling project.
  • Upgraded and improved lighting across a range of corporate council buildings.
  • Rolling project delivered energy savings across nine buildings totalling around £50k per annum.


5 Year payback
Around 2,500 old fittings removed and disposed of across 9 sites.
Saving £50,000 per annum.

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