Social Value

Making a difference

Working alongside our sister company, Lumina Energy, it is our intention to bring social value into everything we do, whether it's internal or external operations. 

As the Energy Division, part of Commercial Services Group, our focus is linked to emissions and environmental issues but we will also combine social and economic benefits too where possible. 

We work with a range of public and private sector bodies who are in ideal positions to benefit from and help in the expansion of social value. We are keen to explore the opportunities available and aim to involve all our stakeholders for example, suppliers, customers and our employees. 

Our Management of Social Value

Our social value activities are managed by a small group of people within our Energy Division who work to track improvements, promote social value and investigate ways of embedding this into our work culture. The team meet every 2 weeks to discuss progress made to date and layout future plans.

Progress reports are specifically focused around:

  • Results of any internal process reviews delivering social value.
  • Review of the tracking and reporting of improvements made.
  • Outcome of any activities that the wider team have taken part in.
  • Any advances relating to engagement with customers and suppliers.
  • Changes to be considered for future procurement exercises.

Working closely with our Energy Procurement team, we can ensure:

  • An ideal connection with suppliers at the very beginning of any new contracts being set up.
  • A central position allowing information around customer needs to flow through.
  • A point of focus for all Energy Division employees to feed into, to aid the development of our social value journey.

Our Approach to Embedding Social Value

In order to embed social value, we have had to consider the various areas of our operation, with different members of the internal Social Value Team taking on separate areas of responsibility. We concentrate on review of:

  • Internal operations and processes including monitoring of: business mileage, paper usage, waste figures and Energy consumption.
  • Customer needs.
  • Supplier commitments and potential input.
  • Tendering process - ensure a minimum of 10% in all Framework tenders.
  • Supplier management process - Included in service level agreement and part of key performance indicator.

Would you like to get involved with us?

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