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We want to help our customers reduce their energy, save money and help towards making the world a better place. We want you to be part of our journey.

At LASER Energy we believe in our people, and we’re dedicated to helping you have the best career in energy that you can have.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not worked in energy before now because we’re committed in helping you understand the industry, feel confident in delivering our services and provide consistent learning and development to help you fulfil your potential within our company.

Our Current Vacancies

We are expanding our Zero Carbon team and have a number of vacancies available.
Explore the various roles by clicking the links below. You will then be taken to the Commercial Services Group website.

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Unlocking your potential

If you’re excited to make a difference, we want to support you to do that.

The work we do here has a direct impact on the environment and your local community.

We welcome your ideas, input and encourage you to put your personal stamp on things. When working with us you can expect support, encouragement and the thrill of being part of something great. Zero Carbon is big on our agenda and our customers and by being part of our team you will be actively involved in that too.

The working world has changed massively and as an organisation we support a hybrid model of working remotely and in the office whilst supporting our teams and individuals to thrive and flourish. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our teams have regular updates, meet-ups and remain connected with colleagues.

If you love working with us and are looking to further develop your career within our business, we will support you to do that. We’ve had many of our team join us in entry level positions and are now leading teams of their own.

Big Thinkers and (Move) Makers

We expect big things from you when you work with us. We want you to bring all your enthusiasm, ideas and out of the box thinking to everything you do. As a new member of the team, you will have a new perspective on the way we do things and we actively encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback.

Being part of LASER Energy means you are also part of something great, our parent company Commercial Services Group. You will be contributing to the overarching vision of the company, as a key team player and your voice will be heard.

Let's hear from your future team mates

Want to join us?

There are two ways to find out about our current vacancies.

Connect with us on LinkedIn

All our current job vacancies are shared by our people on LinkedIn, so follow our company page for updates and you’ll get to see members of the team too. Plus, you can even pop a member of LASER a message and introduce yourself.

Commercial Services Group Website

Head over to the careers page on the CSG website for all the current live vacancies, you may find your ideal job in one of the other CSG business areas.

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