Fixed Procurement

Working with you, your organisation's appetite and requirements for long term fixed energy procurement options.

Fixing your energy contract to best suit your needs

Fixed procurement is the method of going out to the energy supply market and requesting a contract for 100% of your requirement for a set duration at a single point in time. The contract price would be influenced by suppliers’ risk and business appetite as well as, more significantly, the wholesale market price at that point in time. Fixed procurement is ideal if you require long-term price certainty as it offers straight forward pricing.


All the Electricity and Gas frameworks have been tendered in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the EU Combined Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU.

To find out more details about our Energy Procurement Frameworks please visit our page here.

Choice of Contract Length

You are able to specify how many years you would like your contract in place for with the minimum term being 12 months.

Price Certainty

Your prices will be set for a fixed term allowing you to budget accordingly and be reassured that your price will not change for the term of your contract.

Comparable Supplier Offers

Our framework of suppliers will provide you with multiple options to choose from, allowing you to ascertain the best energy contract for your organisation.

OJEU Compliant

Our procurement frameworks are fully OJEU compliant saving you the onerous task of having to run your own tender process.

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