We verify your energy data from a wide range of sources and provide monitoring and reporting to help you save energy and money.

Finding the right bureau service for you

Whether you are seeking to better understand your energy spend or monitor progress on your path to Net Zero Carbon, effective management of utility consumption and spend is crucial to reducing waste and identifying potential areas for cost reduction.

The right Bureau Service will enable you to effectively and efficiently manage your portfolio, provide you assurance that your spend is accurate and peace of mind that your consumption is on target.

We have a specialist Bureau Team consistently working on developing and tailoring our services to reflect the changing needs of our customers. Our team of Data Analysts together have over 30 years experience in reviewing and analysing energy consumption patterns, designing tailored web portal dashboards and developing custom built reporting.

What we can help with

Carbon Net-Zero

Our team can support your activity by collecting, collating and presenting carbon data in a format to meet your needs. We are experts on carbon reporting, associated factors, data sources and reporting styles.

Statutory Carbon and Energy Reporting

We are able to provide support and guidance to customers for a wide variety of statutory reporting including Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), Green House Gas (GHG), Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and more.

Portfolio Management

Storing and maintaining site and meter details in one place together with your utility data allows for portfolio level reporting helping to identify distinct changes in consumption trends over time.

Data Collection

Our team will collect and validate all meter reads submitted via the web portal issuing these direct to your utility supplier. Half Hourly, smart meter, water and renewable generation data are all collected and validated.

Reporting & Validation

Scheduled and consistent reporting helps to track and monitor usage, spend and enables any potential areas of waste to be easily identified.

Benefits to You

Dedicated Analyst

A dedicated Data Analyst to assess your data for anomalies and identify any potential areas of energy saving.

Bespoke Reporting

A suite of monthly reports specifically designed to summarise key aspects of your energy usage and spend.

24/7 Access to your Portfolio

A web portal dashboard designed to best showcase trends within your portfolio. You are always able to view your data and have access to the information you want. We can even help create a custom dashboard for you.

Experienced Team

With over 10 years experience delivering our Bureau service, we currently serve around 50 clients from varied Public Bodies. We can handle portfolios of various sizes and diversity.

Take the first step to maximising your energy data

If you would like to find out more about our Bureau service and how we can help your organisation, our team will be happy to answer any questions. Reach out to us below.

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