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Frequently Asked Questions

  Decisions are made using instantaneous market information.

Products that allow all purchases to be complete prior to supply start date will have an annual price change on 1st October. Products that allow purchase within period will have price changes on 1st October and 1st April every year.

LASER would have already purchased a percentage of the volume for any given period, therefore reducing the impact of the market increase. After evaluating the unique market conditions at this time, LASER would make a decision surrounding what (if any) purchases should be made.

This relates to any contract which allows purchases within period and is the unit price you will be charged during a 6 month period. The reference price set is based on the purchases already made by LASER and the remaining open volume.

This is the difference between the reference price and the outturn price at which the actual energy was purchased on the wholesale market.

The reconciliation occurs every six months in May/June and November/December.

31st March. Annual consumptions are confirmed to the supplier at this time to ensure adequate time is given for the purchasing of any additional volume requirement for future delivery periods. Any sites after this cut-off date will be added onto a fixed bridging contract until the anniversary of the flexible contract. 

Organisations and/or sites can change their portfolio status by giving at least 6 months notice for the next supply year, i.e. a request received before 31st March in any one year will then facilitate the change for the 1st October of that year.


Be aware of what the alternative offer is made up of.  Are you comparing ‘like with like’ and are there any additional charges being included in the unit charge or standing charge?  What is the term of the agreement and how do you monitor your price changes?

If you have joined LASER for a set period then the contract will apply for that period. You are free to move to an alternative provider once the contract period comes to an end providing you have given adequate notice if on rolling access agreement.

P272 mandates that all Advanced Meters (AMR) installed on Profile Class (PC) 5 to 8 MPANs must be settled Half Hourly (HH) by 1 April 2017.

No. Kent County Council is the Central Purchasing Body and is the Contracting Authority for LASER’s flexible energy supply contracts for the current framework (expiring 30 September 2016) and the next framework (1st October 2016 to 30th September 2020). The frameworks are awarded following an OJEU process and include listings for a wide range of public sector bodies on the OJEU notices – Local Authorities, NHS, Universities & Colleges, Public Services (Fire & Rescue, Police), Housing Associations – therefore all these bodies can directly access the framework, fulfilling their OJEU compliancy requirements, and do not need to run an OJEU process to utilise the LASER frameworks. 

Sites can be removed in these circumstances as LASER have built provisions into the contract to accommodate these changes.

Organisations can join at any time but customers must be able to provide all relevant site information to allow transfer of date and acknowledge that there are certain industry and regulatory timescale restrictions with regards to tendering and transferring sites.  LASER would work with the customer to provide prompt transfer in realistic time scale.  All customers must ensure that they have served relevant termination for their existing arrangement.