Fully Managed

We provide a unique managed service for your portfolio, saving you time and money.

Fully Managed

The Fully Managed service is a unique energy portfolio management option driven by our proactive approach to help make customer's lives easier when it comes to managing their portfolio.

Within this service customers not only have access to our highly trained and experienced Customer Relationship Teams but also our unique invoice validation service which includes payment of validated invoices.

Utilising our Fully Managed service in combination with our energy procurement options will assist in maximising savings and cost avoidance opportunities.

Our Services

Energy Procurement

You will be able to choose either Fixed or Flexible procurement solutions for your organisation through our OJEU compliant energy procurement frameworks.

Price Validation

Your energy prices are validated by us along with all non-energy costs, such as network charges, transportation, metering, management fees and mandatory environmental levies.

Invoice Validation

We receive, validate and pay your supplier invoices using our bespoke in-house system. LASER Energy manage all debt issues directly with the suppliers including with-holding payment on inaccurate invoices.

Query Management

You will have access to a dedicated team with vast experience in managing complex industry processes. We resolve queries on behalf of our customers, providing full transparency throughout.

Customer Web Portal

Our online portal provides you instant access to your data with ease. This includes portfolio and site details, query information, current invoices and historic billing data.

Budget Reporting

We can support you with budget accrual to avoid unexpected charges along with forecasting to estimate the cost of your utility supplies for the upcoming financial year.

Benefits to You


LASER Energy has over 25 years’ experience in energy management and procurement. Our wealth of skills, knowledge and strong industry contacts means our customers can trust our service.

Cost Savings

We continuously engage with our customers to understand their energy requirements and how we can provide those cost savings. Our teams have expertise in negotiating compensation and identifying cost saving opportunities.

Supplier Relations

LASER Energy has strong supplier relationships built through continuous improvement exercises and robust supplier management programs. This ensures our customers receive the highest level of service.


Whether this is access via our web portal, month end reporting or customer meetings we pride ourselves in keeping our customers informed. We hold a bi-annual customer forum to discuss industry hot topics, LASER Energy developments and forthcoming strategies.

In 2015 over 4,500 queries were resolved on behalf of our Fully Managed customers

Utilising the Procurement and Fully Managed services typically results in savings of between 9 and 10% across a customer's overall energy spend.

The largest single error resolution to date reduced energy supply costs by £250K in one year