The Big Thaw leaves water woes

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The Big thaw in early March has resulted in huge leaks. Seven Trent alone reported a 4,000% increase in reports of burst pipes, compared to a typical day. Where a pipe bursts on your side of the meter the customer is made to pay for the increase in consumption, showing the importance of monitoring your consumption. Many of these leaks are hard to detect, with no noticeable loss of pressure or pooling water.

A good retailer will assist you in identifying consumption spikes, and guide you through the process of repairing pipework. LASER’s OJEU compliant Water Framework is built to allow inclusion of such ancillary services; this allows mini-tender scoring to consider the ability of the retailer to provide leak detection and repair services. More information can be seen in our Water Procurement Factsheet here.

LASER’s Water Bureau service also helps you with the validation, monitoring and reporting of your consumption. This provides the information to achieve water savings and identify leaks and alerts you to spikes in consumption. An example of savings achieved through this service can be seen in our Water Bureau Case Study found here.