The Better Energy School Awards

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In 2006, an awards event was created to inspire thousands of young people (aged 5-11) and their teachers to achieve environmental greatness through various cross-curricular projects at their school. The awards were known as the ‘Total Green School Awards’, and has now grown to become one of the biggest environmental school competitions of its kind in the UK, sponsored by Total Gas and Power.

Today, the awards are acknowledged as the ‘Better Energy School Awards’ and are split into four regions; South/Central, North, Wales and West Scotland. The winner of each region will be crowned “Regional Champion”, and invited to a special awards ceremony with the chance to become “UK Champion”, receiving a total prize sum of £5,000 to go towards their school funds.

Competition Categories

Totally Clued Up

Under this category, schools can dedicate their research projects on all things environment, incorporating; Geography, Science, Maths, I.T and History etc.

Totally Active

The Totally Active category focuses on in-depth work on the school grounds, reviewing gardens, wildlife areas, recycling schemes and composting.

Totally Scientific

Identifying plants and animals; studying living things and their habitats and monitoring life cycles are all good elements that can be focused on within the Totally Scientific category.

Totally Creative

The Totally Creative category allows students to focus on environmental themed art, music, drama and poetry, using their creative imagination to create songs, dances, paintings etc.

How to become a winner

To gain a good chance to win, you must demonstrate and promote how your school and its students has identified an environmental issue and done your bit to help through any form of environmental work. The Better Energy School Awards provide useful Project Idea Guides to help you understand what’s needed for entry in more detail, and can be found via the link below:

How to enter your school

The Better Energy School Awards can be entered by groups of young people, aged 5-11, with no limit on the number of people taking part in each project. Eligible groups include; the whole school, individual classes or year groups, school clubs, teams created for the purpose of entering awards. There is no limit to the number of entries that each school can submit.

You have up until May 2020 to enter. To do so, click the link below, enter your postcode and find your school.

LASER Schools

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