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Thursday, April 29, 2021 11:28 AM

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June 2021 Update


Npower ‘Junifer’ Update

Following our last update on 28th May (linked here), LASER has continued with the testing programme for the implementation of Npower’s new system ‘Junifer’.  The outputs from Junifer have not progressed sufficiently to pass testing and, as such, the migration has been postponed and we are working to a revised provisional date of late September 2021.

LASER is working through the outputs of the testing and will continue with the full testing programme and parallel runs. We will give you an update on the progress and confirm dates for migration once we have reviewed further test outputs from Npower.


School Service Factsheet

For customers with schools in the portfolio, we’re aware Brokers are routinely targeting schools with sales pitches.  In some instances, these pitches contain erroneous information that is deliberately intended to mislead the customer into signing the school into a contract with the broker.

LASER is actively tackling these claims when we become aware and we have successfully issued a ‘Cease and Desist’ legal letter to a broker making spurious claims to schools.

This document (click here to open PDF) may be of use to share with your schools, or to provide you with information if schools forward broker emails to you. It contains:


  • A simple overview of how we buy energy
  • A typical split of what drives energy prices
  • ‘Key Procurement Questions’ that the school can ask any broker
  • A link to which schools are eligible for VAT and Climate Change Levy relief


With regards the final point above, we have seen several cases of erroneous advice being provided by some energy brokers advising that all schools are exempt from paying the Climate Change Levy (CCL) on energy bills and advising they are due a refund of historic CCL payments.  Please note that ordinarily only Academy Schools (Charitable Status) are eligible for CCL exemption, not any School, and they also do not need to change supplier to obtain this refund. Financial penalties may be incurred from HMRC if a school erroneously applies for CCL exemption when they are not entitled to it and we would therefore recommend that any school who requires advice on the matter to please call our team.


Meter Point Administration Number - LLF Code Changes

Due to the upcoming implementation of Ofgem’s TCR (Targeted Charging Review) from April 2022, LASER electricity suppliers are now looking to prepare sites for changes through altering LLFC (Line Loss Factor Codes). 

These codes currently appear on your bills as part of the MPAN using a 3-digit identification number that groups many meters across individual DNO’s (Distribution Network Operator) into similar charging groups for the DUoS (distribution) part of the network charges.

Customers are allocated an LLFC depending on their consumption (NHH) or available capacity (Maximum Demand - HH). This remains the case for the new structure, however, a large number of customers may see a new or different code (some alphanumeric some still numeric only) appearing on bills. 

The reasoning and impact of the changes are outlined below: 

  • To help group the meters into the newly formed banding structure created by OFGEM, to make networking charges ‘fairer for all’ post-TCR. 

  • OFGEM and DNO’s have been working in recent months to allocate all sites a new/updated LLFC. 

  • This is a lengthy process which as we understand, is still ongoing. 

  • These new codes are appearing on some customer bills as a pre-measure for TCR implementation. 

  • The reasoning for the alphanumeric code change, is to ensure there is no limitations caused by having 3-digit numbers only. 

Overall, the LLFC change should make little or no difference financially at this moment in time, this is more of a pre-requisite and is being altered in anticipation of April 2022. More information surrounding the upcoming TCR changes will be released shortly.  

LASER have requested the suppliers provide a listing of all supplies affected by the above changes, LASER will provide updates as required.  

If you have any questions please contact your Customer Service Manager


May 2021 Update


Join us at our Procurement Forum on the 23rd June

It's time to register for our next LASER Forum. The agenda for this one-hour update is:

  • Market Update with Dom Simmons
  • Flex Purchasing with Dan Connell
  • The Green Basket with Kane Stockwell
  • An Introduction to Consult, Design, Implement DPS with Andy Morgan

For all of the information about this Forum, and to register, please click here


LASER 'Understanding Customer Requirements' Survey

On 17th May, LASER  This is a time of rapid change for many of LASER’s customers, whether local authorities, universities, NHS trusts, housing providers or schools, with the focus on cost saving, changing legislation and starting journeys to net zero 

We want to make sure we understand your priorities, challenges and needs so that we can provide the best possible support to you. We have therefore commissioned a research project to find out more about organisations like yours

Thank you to those of you that have submitted your response so far.

If you are yet to complete the survey and would like to share your thoughts with us, we have shared the link below for you to access the survey:


LASER Customer Survey - Understanding Customer Requirements

The research is being carried out for LASER by SE2 Ltd. All data will be held and managed in accordance with GDPR. Survey responses will be anonymised and aggregated into a report for LASER. If you have any questions about the research process, please either contact myself or Liz Warren, Director, SE2, on or 020 8469 1333

*NEW LASER DPS* Zero Carbon Future - Consult, Design and Install

LASER Zero Carbon Future – Consult, Design, Install Dynamic Purchasing System

Based on feedback received from customers, LASER has released to market a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) of potential consultants and suppliers to help public bodies achieve their low or zero carbon aspirations. The DPS is divided into 4 Lots:


  • Lot 1 Site survey and modelling 
  • Lot 2 Energy/Sustainability management consultancy 
  • Lot 3 Technological solutions consultancy 
  • Lot 4 Technological solutions delivery 


The DPS has been well-received so far, with over 150 Expressions of Interest received from suppliers across all lots. The initial supplier application window closes 6th May 2021, at which point LASER’s team will evaluate all submissions received. Once the evaluation stage is complete, we will provide to LASER customers details of the new DPS and how services can be accessed. 

In-depth video on Consult, Design and Install with Andy Morgan

If you would like to receive further updates on the Consult, Design and Install DPS, please complete this Expressions of Interest form.


Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme Phase 1
Congratulations to LASER customers who were awarded a combined £245M in grant funding from Phase 1 of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. Most common technologies for successful funding were:
  • Heat Pumps;
  • LED Lighting; and
  • Solar Rooftop PV.
There are tight timelines to complete projects to comply with the grant funding and LASER is currently assisting customers with LED lighting upgrades, solar rooftop projects, a solar farm project, battery storage and advice on a heat network. If you would like to discuss your project requirements or options to successfully deliver your PSDS projects, please contact your Account Manager.


Npower ‘Junifer’ Update

Following on from our update on 29th April, LASER has been continuing to work closely with Npower to review and agree proposals to move to their new Billing and Account Management system, ‘Junifer’.

LASER and Npower have now agreed to a provisional ‘go-live’ date for 26th July, which is subject to the completion of successful testing and parallel runs.  If the results of the testing programme fail to meet our requirements, the move to Junifer will be postponed until testing has completed satisfactorily.

What does this mean for you?

Subject to successful completion of a rigorous testing plan, LASER customer data will migrate into Npower’s new system on 26th July. The first set of billing released from the new system will be in August 2021.

Fully Managed (FM) Customers

  • LASER is running a test across several Fully Managed Customers who use different third-party systems to ensure they can continue to enter outputs from Junifer and GEMS.
  • LASER will fully communicate any changes in the way data will be presented on the supply invoice to Fully Managed Customers on completion of the testing and prior to the move to the new system.
  • In line with the transfer to Junifer, Npower will commence Premise Level Billing to comply with HMRC VAT requirements. Electricity supplies that FM customers have identified to LASER will be aggregated and billed on a single invoice from August 2021.


Procurement Only Supply Option (POSO) Customers

  • Npower is in the process of running a pilot test with six POSO customers to test the billing outputs of Junifer and to ensure that data can be utilised in the same way as with the current system.
  • Npower will communicate with all POSO customers to discuss the changes you can expect to see on your billing and discuss any questions you have.  Please contact your Npower CRM Executive or call 0121 389 6613 if you would like to speak with Npower directly to discuss your requirements.
  • In line with the transfer to Junifer, Npower will commence Premise Level Billing to comply with HMRC VAT requirements. Electricity supplies that Npower have confirmed with POSO customers will be aggregated and billed on a single invoice from August 2021.


LASER is continuing with the full programme of testing and we will keep you updated on the progress and outcome of this testing.

If you do have any questions, please contact your Customer Services Manager.


April 2021 Update

Climate Change Levy -

Climate Change Levy (CCL) will be changing with effect from 1st April 2021 consumption period, as part of a government review of taxable commodities. Electricity CCL will change from:

Electricity - 0.811p/kWh to 0.775p/kWh
Gas - 0.406p/kWh to 0.465p/kWh

Please contact Customer Services if you would like any further information.

Npower's New Billing & Account Management System 'Junifer'

Npower have been working over the last few years on a replacement for their legacy Billing and Account Management Systems. The development of their new system, which is referred to as ‘Junifer’, is almost complete and Npower are nearing the end of their roll out programme.

Npower have provided LASER with suggested ‘go live’ dates.  However,  we are currently undertaking a rigorous review of Npower’s proposals prior to sanctioning the move to the new system.  We will only give our go ahead once we have the confidence that Npower can provide all services committed under the 2020-2024 Electricity Supply Framework.


What are LASER doing to prepare ?

  • LASER are having weekly project meetings with Npower, to closely track the progress of each phase of the project plan and discuss and resolve any issues that may have arisen to ensure all services committed within the framework are maintained in the new system.
  • LASER are undergoing a programme of testing using over 220 different billing scenarios to ensure accuracy and consistency of the outputs from Junifer.
  • LASER are currently parallel running both the existing and proposed electronic billing files through a “test” and “live” environment within our GEMS billing system.
  • LASER will be testing the Customer outputs from Junifer and GEMS to ensure that Fully Managed customers will be able to enter outputs into their choice of third-party system (e.g. Systemslink, TEAM).
  • LASER continues to work with Npower and those Fully Managed Customers affected to finalise supplies that need to be aggregated onto a single supply invoice to comply with HMRCs regulations regarding the charging of VAT at “Premise” level. The implementation date will coincide with the go live and any changes to account numbers will be communicated prior to implementation. 


What are the next steps?

  • Npower will shortly be in contact with Procurement Only Supply Option (POSO) customers, providing further information on Junifer, summarising the changes you can expect to see on your billing direct from Npower and giving the opportunity to discuss any further requirements.
  • LASER will fully communicate any changes in the way data will be presented on the supply invoicing to Fully Managed Customers (FM) in advance of the migration to the new system, for example Available Capacity will change from £/month to p/day.  Please be assured that your agreed contract costs will not be changed as a result of the migration of data to the Junifer system.


We will continue to keep you updated on the progress and outcome of LASER’s testing and will confirm the go live date as soon as this has been agreed.


In the meantime, please do contact your Customer Service Manager if you have any questions.