Additional Services

Providing easy and compliant sourcing of Additional Services.

Additional Services

LASER's Flexible Gas and Electricity Procurement Frameworks for 2020-2024 provide an OJEU compliant route to arranging procurement and supply of Gas and Electricity.  In addition, through the LOT 2 option there are opportunities to take advantage of a number of additional services relating to energy usage, storage, savings and other innovative industry solutions to help manage your energy category and reduce costs.

LOT 2 - Suppliers on this Framework

The matrix below gives an overview of the Additional Services available through LOT 2.

All of the Suppliers on the new Frameworks are listed across the top of the table, with some of the most popular services listed down the side of the table. An “X” signifies which services each of the Suppliers are able to provide and “D” signifies that the Supplier will be able to provide this service in the future but currently it is in development stage.


LOT 2 - Procurement Process Guide

Participating Authorities wishing to access additional services independent of their supply arrangement may source them through the Additional Services LOT. A mini competition can be run under the framework in order to select a supplier most suited to the customer’s need. LASER can assist in writing and/or running the mini tender process.

For further details on how to do this, please click here to view the LASER LOT 2 Procurement Process Guide.

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