We have launched our 2020-2024 Flexible Procurement Framework

We're very pleased to announce our new Flexible Procurement Framework for 2020 - 2024 and we're sharing all the details about it below.

Posted on Apr 04, 2019

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The LASER Procurement team has been hard at work, retendering our main Gas and Electricity Flexible Procurement Frameworks for the period of October 2020 to September 2024 and have now completed the process with great success.

What is the Flexible Procurement Framework?

Available to all public sector authorities throughout the UK, the Framework provides an OJEU compliant route to arranging procurement and supply of Gas and Electricity. In addition, there are opportunities to take advantage of a number of services relating to energy usage, storage, savings and other innovative industry solutions to help manage your energy category and reduce costs.

Why choose the LASER framework?

LASER have in-depth public sector expertise, operating in this sector to reduce energy spend since 1989 and are committed to service development and customer satisfaction. We offer leading edge management of flexible procurement contracts to minimise energy prices and provide a variety of service options to choose from. As a Central Purchasing Body, there is no need to run a separate OJEU compliant process to use the LASER frameworks, all of our fees are disclosed and benchmark details are published. Our invoice validation service places any incorrect supplier invoices on hold and queries them with the supplier.

Which suppliers are included in the framework?

Npower and Total Gas and Power have been successful in retaining the electricity and gas frameworks respectively and a further seven suppliers have been added to the framework to provide access to a range of energy services such as battery storage, renewable energy and energy efficiency hardware.
A summary of the main additional services and framework suppliers are listed to the right.

Table showcasing a list of energy suppliers on LASER's framework

How do customers access the framework?

A participating Authority wishing to source services through the Framework Agreement will need to;

  1. Advise LASER on the services they want to secure to enable an Access Agreement to be drawn up by LASER.
  2. Sign an Access Agreement and return to LASER for completion.
  3. Confirm details of requirement to enable mini competition to be completed.
  4. Once the competition is completed, then LASER will allocate a unique Call-off reference number and subsequent compilation of Call-off Order Form.
  5. Complete Call-off Order Form and email through to chosen Supplier, copying in LASER.
  6. Call-off Contract will become valid only once the completed Order Form is signed by Supplier and received by Participating Authority and LASER.

Over the course of time, additional services may be requested – additional services will require a fresh Call-off Order Form to be signed. Copies of the signed Order Forms will be attached to the Access Agreements to track services accessed through LASER.

Additional Benefits:

  • Green energy available
  • Low supplier management fees
  • Supplier service level managed
  • Introduction of access agreements and call-off contracts
  • Assistance with budget forecasting
  • Social value innovations
  • SLA and KPI monitoring and targets
  • Potential for additional strategies
  • Improved forecasting assistance
  • Improved reporting access
  • Additional services – e.g. electric vehicle battery storage, solar, ground source heat etc.


Need help with your procurement?

If you would like to learn more about the 2020-2024 Flexible Procurement Framework, you can download our Framework User guide here , alternatively if you would like to speak to a member of our team about your procurement needs, please get in touch below.

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