Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's journey to becoming Carbon Neutral

Read below how we helped a Kent council understand and plan their pathway to being carbon neutral.

Posted on Dec 14, 2021

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Our Zero Carbon Roadmap assists our customers on their journey towards becoming carbon neutral. We worked with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) to help them plan for this huge challenge by putting a good foundation in place from which they could make informed decisions around the best direction for the council.

The first step

Understanding their organisation and determining which emissions should be included within the scope of the project was a key initial step. When this was completed an extensive data collection exercise was carried out by us providing templates and advice to assist wherever possible, although the fact that we held a lot of energy and water data accelerated the process greatly.

Calculating the Carbon Footprint

Once data had been gathered we calculated a carbon footprint, showing the emissions attributable to the council’s operations broken down in a number of different ways, which was of great interest to the council and helped identify the most significant sources of emissions.

Following this, we forecast how emissions would evolve as far as 2050 in a Business As Usual scenario. We then worked with TWBC to identify a set of initiatives that could potentially be undertaken to make progress towards their target of being carbon neutral for their own estate by 2030.

These initiatives were built into a model that demonstrated the impact on energy use, emissions and finance over the next decade. We created a number of scenarios to demonstrate the impact of the varying approaches which has given TWBC valuable insight and helped inform their strategic decision making.

Taking action with the findings

The findings and options were summarised in a Carbon Descent Plan which is a substantive document providing background, industry context, a review of options available and a summary of the findings and proposed next steps.

As well as energy and carbon reduction and overarching project costs, the report also assesses potential offsetting costs under each of the separate scenarios, providing comparison and analysis. Additionally the plan explores various green energy procurement options that are currently available or likely to come onto the market in the near future.

In addition to the main project we also delivered an exercise to map TWBC’s pathway in alignment with the national and international commitments under the Paris Agreement and to carry out a high level assessment of their supply chain emissions.

TWBC were very pleased with the outputs and are now preparing to take their next steps on this journey.

Need help with your Zero Carbon journey?

No matter what stage you are at in your goal towards becoming carbon neutral we can help you. We have a number of zero carbon services available from reviewing, to frameworks and also looking alternative energy sources. To find out more visit our Zero Carbon area below.

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