Churchill Primary School experienced a taste of what LED Lighting can do and wanted more

LED Lighting can create not only savings for your school but transform the environment for staff and pupils. Read how we helped Churchill Primary School.

Posted on Mar 15, 2016

The Churchill Primary School near Folkestone is a Kent County Council Community school with 420 pupils aged between four and eleven years. Named after Winston Churchill in recognition of the importance of the site in military and aviation history, the school was opened in 2002

The Challenge

Concerned about increasing energy costs, Colin Simpson, the schools’ Business Manager, decided to replace 22 of the 60 watt exterior halogen lights with 20 watt LEDs. Having noticed the instant savings with the perimeter lights, the school asked LASER Energy to carry out a free survey of the rest of the school to identify further efficiencies.

The Solution

Having carried out a full internal audit, LASER’s lighting specialist questioned why in many rooms there were only wall-mounted lights and established that although the original construction plans included suspended ceilings for each of the 14 classrooms, these were never installed.

LASER recommended the following:

  • Installation of LED suspended lighting in each classroom.
  • Auto LED lighting in toilet and cupboard areas.
  • Emergency lights and fire escape signs to be replaced with LED signs.
The LASER Energy Buying Group LED team did a great job, all my expectations were met, and not only have our consumption and costs been reduced but the installation has created new areas to teach in and fun places for the children to learn in.

Colin Simpson
Business Manager, Churchill Primary School

The Results

The LASER Energy Buying Group’s LED lighting service provided instant results and cost savings. The main hall alone had 19 yellow sodium 450 watt lights replaced with 7 high bay LED 90 watt lights, giving an instant reduction of 7920 watt consumption at the flick of a switch. The new emergency lights and fire escape signs created a more visible and easy to follow escape route in the corridors for teachers at night. However, the biggest benefit for the school has been the creation of additional usable space.

Photo image showing the inside ceiling of a class room at Churchill Primary School

Before LED Lighting Installation

Photo showing inside ceiling of Churchill Primary school after LED lighting installation

After LED Lighting Installation

The Key Benefits Delivered & Statistics

  • Monthly electricity consumption reduced by 19%.
  • Energy savings amounting to £1,200 a year.
  • LUX levels were significantly increased from 190 LUX to 330 LUX.
  • Creation of additional useable space – underused, dark
    cloakroom spaces have been transformed into light additional
    teaching areas and ‘mini library dens’.
  • Staff sickness levels were reduced – headaches from harsh
    lighting are less frequent.
  • Additional classroom – by reconfiguring and utilising underused
    areas, the school’s central library area has been converted into
    an additional classroom.
  • Short-listed for the 2014 Ashden awards for “Most exciting low
    carbon – school”


4.3 Year Payback
£1,200 a year energy savings
Load before 60,297 kWh and Load after 48,883 kWh

Would you like to explore how LED Lighting could change your school's environment

As seen above LED Lighting can deliver benefits in terms of reducing energy usage and creating savings opportunities but also massively improve the usage of a space and it's environment for its pupils and staff.

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