We verify your energy data from a wide range of sources and provide monitoring and reporting to help you save energy and money.


Effective energy management is crucial to the identification and elimination of wasted energy and costs. This is why finding the right bureau service is so important.

We offer customers a complete range of energy management bureau services and you are free to select any service, thus creating a tailor-made package to suit your individual requirements.

Our Services

Portfolio Management

Storing and maintaining your entire portfolio details, with full address, site contacts, custom fields (e.g. cost codes), UPRN, occupancy, building age, floor area (M2) and building type.

Data Collection

We are experts in collecting data from a wide range of sources including energy supplier's billing, manual meter reads, Half Hourly and AMR profile data, data from renewable generation, manual meter readings and CRC supplier statements.

Data Validation

We run validation checks to ensure that data is complete and accurate. These can include all chargeable components of an invoice, consumption tolerance checks, missing bills and HH/AMR data completeness and intgrity.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Extensive suite of standard and bespoke dashboards and reports for different audiences to help identify energy waste. We are CRC agents and experienced in GHG, ESOS, Carbon and NHS ERIC reporting.

Database & Processes Health Check

If you run your own energy monitoring in-house we can review your systems and processes. This can include an on and off site evaluation of your current database, and processes for managing your systems and data integrity.

Benefits to You

Dedicated Analyst

On hand at all times to manage any queries you may have regarding your portfolio.

Bespoke Reporting

We can provide tailored reports to meet your specific requirements.

24/7 Access to your Portfolio

You are always able to view your data and have access to the information you want. We can even help create a custom dashboard for you.

Experienced Team

With over 10 years experience delivering our Bureau service, we currently serve around 50 clients from varied Public Bodies. We can handle portfolios of various sizes and diversity.

Product Factsheet

Please click on the image below to view our Bureau product factsheet:


Over 120 bespoke reports are sent to customers every month

We validate over 10,000 invoices a month highlighting an average of 1,200 discrepancies.

Monitoring around £140 Million worth of energy per year