LED Lighting

Mar 01, 2017

The installation of LED Lighting can drastically change your energy consumption resulting in potentially thousands of pounds worth of savings from your budget.


LASER has established a framework agreement for the supply and installation of LED Lighting equipment. The framework is available for use by all public sector bodies and is designed to provide an OJEU compliant procurement route whilst delivering access to a wide range of equipment from all major manufacturers, flexibility around the selection of equipment, significant volume discounts and national capability.


Service options

The service is separated into two access options – Managed Access and Direct Access: 


·         Managed Access

The Managed Access option allows LASER to act as the contracting authority. Our dedicated team manage the contract and support the customer to get maximum value from the framework, delivering the best possible project outcomes.


·         Direct Access

The Direct Access option is for those who wish to manage their own projects, accessing the framework directly. The customer will therefore be responsible for specifying equipment, agreeing pricing and managing all the steps of the project delivery.


Benefits to you


·         Independent Advice

We provide advice and specification independent of any manufacturer.


·         New Look

Sometimes it can be as simple as needing a fresh, clean look for your building. LED Lighting can not only support that, but completely enhance the way the building is used.


·         Energy Saving

Updating your current lighting to LED Lighting can provide significant electricity cost savings.


·         Framework Options

LASER have a pre-tendered OJEU compliant supply chain with 10 suppliers to choose from.


Did you know…


·         LED Lighting uses 70% less than typical fluorescent lights in schools.


·         Most public buildings can receive interest free Salix finance to fund LED projects.


·         Changing to LED Lighting can reduce your electricity bill by 20% and improve your working environment.


Using the LASER framework has enabled the Council to install large LED lighting projects in a number of our corporate buildings. The whole process, from the initial site surveys and provision of quotes to the actual installations, has been very fast and efficient. We are looking forward to carrying out more LED lighting projects in the near future.

Andrew Whelan

Carbon Reduction Manager

Enfield Council


For more information about how to join our LED Lighting framework please contact the LASER team:

01622 237017