LASER Energy sponsor award at the GLL Staff Awards

Mar 01, 2017

What is GLL?

GLL is a charitable social enterprise which offers community leisure centres and fitness facilities across the UK. Founded in 1993, the first new model of its kind opened to assist Greenwich Council run their leisure centres in a more cost efficient way. GLL now manages over 250 public sport and leisure centres and 57 libraries. They are in partnership with more than 30 local councils, public agencies and sporting organisations.


The Awards

As the UK’s largest charitable leisure social enterprise, GLL decided to host an awards ceremony recognising its most talented individuals. Over 300 staff, guests and sponsors attended the black tie event and 26 individuals/teams were awarded for their contribution to GLL.


The below awards were presented:


·         Innovation Award

·         Environment Award

·         Customer Focus Award

·         Apprentice of the Year Award

·         Nick Francis Community Award

·         Safe Hands Award

·         Terry Gregory Team Lifeguard Award

·         Best Library

·         Best Centre Central

·         Best Centre South West

·         Best Centre West

·         People’s Leader

·         Best Team

·         Pride Award

·         Achieving More Winners

·         Overall Outstanding Achievement Award


The Environment Award

There were three finalists in the environment category. Joan Beattie, Duty Manager at The Pools, Carlisle; Martin Plumley, Maintenance Engineer at Bath Sport & Leisure Centre and South & Vale Partnership Team, South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse.


All nominees have dedicated huge amounts of time to reducing energy consumption and doing their bit to protect the environment as a whole. As Greenwich’s energy buying group, LASER were delighted to sponsor such a prestigious award.


South & Vale Partnership Team

It was announced that Southern & Vale Partnership Team were the winners of this fantastic award. The team have continuously looked at new ways in improving their energy efficiency, delivering a 12% reduction in their utility usage. The team began many energy saving projects including the installation of LED lighting which has drastically affected the Vale centres. Projects such as these have resulted in a £46k saving to their budget.


We send the biggest congratulations to the South & Vale Partnership team on their win of this award.


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