Invoice Validation & Billing Services

Our in-house invoice validation and billing system is designed to make sure you only pay for what you use. Energy supply invoices are regularly inaccurate but we ensure all errors are rectified on your behalf, taking the burden away from you.
Our services include:

Invoice validation & Payment

Our highly sophisticated invoice validation system is able to check supplier invoices against over 400 different charge codes. Any invoices that fail our checks are returned unpaid to the supplier. This service provides peace of mind knowing you are paying the correct amount of money every month.

Price Validation

We provide a full price validation for all sites that utilise our Flexible Procurement service. This ensures that the supplier applies all energy and non-energy costs correctly when setting prices, including those which are not visible on the bill.

Price composition is complex but we operate a successful validation system; ensuring that the correct wholesale energy price is charged and all industry pass through charges and Government taxes and levies are checked too. This has proved to be a valuable tool in guaranteeing correct unit rates and also in fending off indirect costs associated with credits and recharges.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

LASER is a VAT principal so we administer all of our fully managed customers’ VAT requirements and directly related Climate Change Levy (CCL) charges, via completion of a single LASER VAT certificate, regardless of the contracted supplier.

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

As a Directed Utility, we manage all specialised CCL exemptions that require completion of HMRC PP10 and PP11 documentation, e.g. Good Quality CHP, Horticultural Institutions and Trade Association allowances.

LASER is directly responsible to HMRC for the collection and payment of both VAT and CCL which means you don’t need to provide new instructions when you change supplier.

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