Energy Procurement

Energy prices are renowned for being volatile and unpredictable so successfully managing energy requires close monitoring of market prices and drivers. Our energy specialists have complete market knowledge and industry understanding which allows us to provide the right purchasing strategy for you and secure the best prices available in the market. We understand that your requirements may be varied, so we have a choice of energy procurement options available.
Our services include:

Fixed Procurement

Fixed Procurement is ideal if you require long-term price certainty. It offers straight forward pricing, securing fixed rates over a specified period of up to three years.

Benefits of Fixed Procurement

  • Price protection - Contract prices are fixed for the contract duration.
  • Budget certainty - Budgets can be predicted and therefore managed.
  • Security - Provides protection from volatility in the energy market.
  • Market Intelligence – Our energy specialists will make sure they identify the best time to place your contract.

Flexible Procurement

Flexible procurement allows more flexibility to energy purchasing, allowing you to exploit when the energy price falls. Energy can be purchased in ‘portions’ over a period of time, as opposed to purchasing all your energy requirements on one set date.

We offer two flexible procurement options. These options allow you to select a product to balance your appetite for risk with budget certainty:

Purchase In Advance (PIA)

All energy requirements are purchased in advance of the contract year, providing you budget certainty for the following 12 months.

Purchase Within Period (PWP)

A portion of the energy requirements are purchased in advance of a contract period, and a portion may be left open to buy within the contract period. PWP has less budget certainty than PIA, but provides greater market opportunities.

Benefits of Flexible Procurement:

  • Best prices - There are opportunities to make purchases when energy prices fall.
  • Risk reduced - Energy purchases are hedged over a long period of time and over multiple purchases rather than on one specific day.
  • Market Intelligence – Our energy specialists have full access to market trades providing an accurate view of price movement ensuring informed purchasing decisions.


Our flexible procurement is overseen by a Governance Panel composed from representative customers and independent industry experts. This ensures that all trades are accounted for and are within the purchasing strategy agreed by the panel.

Green Energy

LASER is committed to the sustainable consumption of energy from secure sources and we are have the ability to purchase green energy for customers should they wish to do so. We were one of the first entrants into the green energy marketplace and we have been able to procure economic green supplies despite market shortages.

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